Paxton’s 7th Package

Let’s just call this package the red/fire truck package. There’s also a red train thrown in too, so maybe the red transportation package is better. And I only got one photo of it. Actually my husband only got one photo. I was at work and I knew that it needed to be mailed because the family taking it was leaving that week for their court visit and so I texted and called him and told him where all the stuff is to put together a package is. So he put this one together. And he did a great job. But he only took one photo.


So there it is. A red striped shirt, a fire truck onepiece top/shorts and then a fire truck pants suit for when the weather gets a little cooler this fall. I hope he likes red. There is also a little fire truck toy and some jumbo crayons. Baby soap is super pricey in Korea so when I remember I try to include some. And then some mushed up baby food.

He should get this package either end of this week or early next week when he goes in. I love getting the photo updates each month, he is growing in each one and while it makes me happy to see him, my heart aches just a little. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer till he is home and running around.