Happy Birthday Coppelia Jiyun

Coppelia Jiyun,

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! I hope and pray that this time next year you are in our arms and we are celebrating your 2nd birthday together. It is crazy to think that you were born a year ago. As it turns out, your first day on this earth was my longest day ever. I was actually in the same town as you while you were making your enterance into the world. Daddy and I had been to court in Seoul the day before for Edric, and we were flying home August 21st. Our flight didn’t leave Seoul until around 4ish that afternoon or so, so we spent the morning going for a walk and packing up and then headed to central station in Seoul to check our bags in. We walked through one of the markets and got our last dumplings and freshpineapple before heading on the express train out to the airport. We then boarded the flight and flew to San Francisco. We when got there we had actually traveled back in time and it was a little after noon, still the 21st (thanks to crossing the international date line). We eventually made it to Denver and then home that day. And then there you were making your grand enterance into the world at a little over 4 pounds.

Your birth mother named you Jiyun which means beautiful and wise, and we have added Coppelia to your name, which has always been the girl name that we would use if we ever had a girl. It is the name of a French ballet and means beautiful eyes. Little did we know we would be adding a little girl to our group of four boys! We will stick together dear little one as we navigate the world of boys and sweat and smelly feet. And if we are anything alike we will add our own smelly feet and sweat to this group.

And so sweet girl as you are dressed in your Korean finery to day and go through your Korean Dol today and celebrate the first year of your life, know that we are missing you and loving you from 1/2 a world away.