A Different Process….

Friday started like the majority of my last few Fridays, with a long run. Imogene Pass Run is fast approaching and I’m getting more and more nervous about being ready, but I’m trying to do what I can between my whacky work schedule and chasing the boys around. And so I set out with a goal of 12 miles. Before I left the house I had heard from a couple of families that their adoption files had been submitted for Exit Permission with the Korean government. I didn’t think we’d be in this round of submits, with our file just going over for Paxton at the beginning of March, but I was praying and hoping that a friend’s file would, as hers went over end of December/beginning of January.

And so off I ran. And ran. And ran. And got to 5.5 miles and was just done. My body said “hey, you’ve worked way too many hours lately and not slept near enough and I’m just done and not going to run another 1/2 mile to the turn around spot”. Looking back it seems kind of silly because seriously, what’s 1/2 a mile when you are already 5 1/2 in? But not always being the most tough minded I gave in and turned around. Coming home my last 5.5 miles went faster than the first set. I felt pretty good and came through the front door and let Clint know I was home and headed out to the back yard to stretch.

As I sat down I pulled out my phone and started to check to see since it was now working hours for normal people in our state if my friend had heard anything. She sent me a quick message that she had just got off the phone with our social worker at our adoption agency and they were indeed submitted. I was so excited for her! I started to send a message back and suddenly I could hear Clint across the house talking to someone on the phone. I took off running from the back yard and started yelling “Are you talking to Regina? Did our file get submitted?????”

He was in fact talking to our social worker and our file for Paxton in fact did get submitted. I’m pretty sure I also solidified my status as a crazy woman running through the house yelling. Oh well. So just to give some perspective for those of you that followed along with our first adoption, it took 13 months to get to this point in our adoption with Edric, with Paxton we are less than 5 months in.

And so now it’s some more waiting. I pulled up and printed off the form we used with Edric for Paxton and Coppelia and started filling Paxton’s in this weekend. With this, assuming there aren’t delays with our approval or court dates, we could expect to be home with Paxton in 4-7 months. Which is crazy! And super exciting. We are praying that somehow both Paxton and Coppelia’s files will meet up and we can make one trip for court to both, but are very well aware of the fact that we might be making two court trips and two custody trips. Trusting God has a plan and in His timing in the midst of it all.


Paxton KaOn and Coppelia Jiyun, we are coming for you two!