Paxton’s 5th Package

This package traveled to Paxton at the end of June and he got it during his visit in July. I had ordered some clothes this spring when they were on sale that were 12 month size and sent a few of them in this package. I learned from the video that we got of him after this had been sent that many of the outfits I sent in the spring were too small because he has a very long torso. I hope that these fit him. By looking at his weight and height that I get each month they should….but it’s hard to know for sure.


Anyway I found these and thought that they were cute and good for the hot muggy summer weather that we came to know in Seoul when we traveled last August for court.


I also found this little toy that has eggs with different faces and little chicks on the inside. Not only does he have to put the tops and bottoms together to match of the chick and egg faces, but also the bottoms of the eggs each have a shape that only fits in a spot in the egg carton. I figured that its good for fine motor skill development and practice. In the photos we got of him in July he was at the agency and had opened it and was playing with it so I figure that’s at least a good sign.


I also found this little book that has all sorts of textures and interactive things on each page. Some pages crinkle, others are soft, one has a rattle, and it’s a good interactive and sensory book. And who could pass up smashed up strawberries and apples? It sounded good to me too.


It doesn’t seem like much all put together in one photo, but when I’m limited to a gallon size baggie, it all fit with a little extra duct tape to hold it all in.

FullSizeRender (9)

Paxton buddy, I hope you enjoy the little things and know that we are loving and missing you on the other side of the world. Hope you are home soon little guy!