7 Months Home…or actually 8….

Wow! It has been 7 months. Actually it has been 8 months and I just realized that I totally skipped getting a photo or writing an update for May. Oops. So, here’s the photo from 7 months with a combined update (most days I could seriously use a few more hours in the day). I think I say each month that I feel like we have turned a corner but again this month I feel like we are getting and connecting and figuring out life and everything together. Edric’s language is starting to expload. He is copying and attempting to repeat many words that he hears and just started putting some words together, the other morning I was headed out on a run and he said “mommy running” and he has started to say “I want_______”. We still have miles and miles to go and he is still WAY behind kids his age, but progress is being made.

To say that he is determined would be a slight understatement. He has definite opinions and we have moved from being 2 to fully embracing being 3. And with that the very full and extreme emotions that come with being 3. I still think that on the eve of turning 3 little fairies must visit kids when they are sleeping and open up and pour in BIG EMOTIONS. Because it almost seems to happen overnight that the emotions suddenly become very BIG and very STRONG and can quickly go from one extreme to another.


We’ve made huge leaps and bounds, he runs to us when he’s hurt, and he also runs to us to give hugs and show affection and love. He stayed for the first time at my parent’s house a couple of weeks back with the other boys and did amazingly well. The hitting/biting/scratching is all but gone.

He love pockets and putting things in any and every pocket he can find. It has actually been quite helpful in stores, I can just say “where’s your pocket” or “put your hands in your pocket”. He has no fear and will try anything…especially anything that has a risk of injury. Edric loves being outside and more than that loves playing with water. Anytime we turn our back he runs over to where the hose is at and tries to turn it on. He just giggles when he gets wet.

Our summer is going to be very busy with lots of laughter with these three boys, but we couldn’t feel more blessed. It is not an easy journey and there have been many struggles the past 8 months and while there will always be struggles it is a blessing to know that we will be tackling them as a family.