Paxton’s 1st Birthday Package

As I packed up this package I was really hoping that this would be the only birthday that we have to miss and be ½ a world apart. Praying that next year his little feet are running through the hallways and he’s spilling cake crumbs all over the floor.

Since it is a birthday package we got to send a box which holds more than the usual gallon size bag that we normally get to send. I think one of the favorite things that we sent in this package was a stuffed teddy bear that we made at Build-A-Bear and put recordable devices in with our voices. In one hand there is a button that has a message from Clint and I and in the other the boys recorded a message together. I hope he really enjoys it and he likes hearing our voices.


I also found this big tow-truck to send for his birthday. It is good and sturdy and clearly built for a toddler to play with. I also included a few bath toy animals in it as well.


I found these two little summer outfits while I was walking through the store a few weeks back and thought that they would be fun to send. I hope that I get to see a photo of him in one of them sometime. I remember how hot it was in Seoul last summer, so I know these will be useful.


I also included coffee packages for foster mom and family as well as some bubbles for Paxton. All the boys seem to really love bubbles. Also the squeezee foods fit well in the package. Also I’m hoping that he will be moving beyond a bottle and start using a sippy cup and I found this sippy cup as a good transition cup.


Leighton and Edric drew birthday cards….Caedmon didn’t want to which is fine. I also included some photos from our recent trip.


And there we go, a first birthday package. I wish we could be there and celebrate and that he could be home. Praying and hoping that next year he is. Sometimes it’s a one day at a time sort of wait.