7 Months Home And Finally Final!

Really I’ve considered Edric ours long before this past Friday, actually he’s been our son since we first turned in our paperwork over 3 years ago before he was even born…but according to the US government and everyone in-between as of April 22, 2016 he is officially ours.

DSCF0575 IMG_5304

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Colorado spring day or a nicer judge to have court with. My mom came with us and we met Regina who is the Korea adoption coordinator at our adoption agency and has helped us through all the various steps and stages of this process at the court house. Judge Howard was super friendly and before we even got started showed the boys how to make their chairs turn around in circles and how to operate the microphone on the table. So the talks about sitting still and listening and only talking when the judge asked them a direct question pretty much went out the window…oh well, they had fun and any official recording of the court room is going to being filled with little boys saying “hi” into the microphones with lots of little giggles.


I think we were asked a total of 3 questions and then it was time for Edric’s official certificate and stickers, photos, and balloons for everyone.

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After court we headed to a park to play and then out to lunch. We spent the afternoon playing at my parent’s house in the back yard and we chased each other, dug in the sand box, played with the hose (everyone and everything got wet) and just had a great day.

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On Saturday Edric had been home for 7 months. Each day is getting easier, even though he can be quite the grumpy pants in the morning. He is hitting the other two boys a whole lot less, and learning to share and play together. Speech is still way behind, but we are planning on getting him evaluated by the school district in the next couple of weeks because he will qualify for speech and free preschool for next year which will be awesome and such a help to him. He loves tractors and trucks and none of us can imagine life without him!