Dear Paxton #1

Dear Sweet Paxton-

Hey Sweet Boy, if this mommy could make one request it is that you keep those cute little baby cheeks that you have until you are in my arms. As I tell your big brothers often that they aren’t allowed to grow up too fast, I will tell you the same thing. And as I tell you that, I pray that the time is short until you are here and running through the house chasing after those boys.

And boy, what a set of brothers you are going to have. Leighton is the biggest and has a huge heart and will love you and care for you no matter what, his loyalty and love are unwavering. Caedmon has accepted his big brother role with much seriousness and will teach you all you need to know (including how to pee on the trees in the back yard). And Edric will make sure there is enough mischief and adventure in each one of your days to keep it interesting for you and start making my hair turn gray. (I promise he can climb flat walls without a blink of an eye).

And dear son, know that mommy and daddy miss you and pray for you daily and we can’t wait to bring you home to this crazy jungle and home full of monkeys. I’ll let you know now, we aren’t going to do everything right and daily make mistakes, but we are trying and know that we will work on all of this together and figuring out how to be and grow as a family.

And so as our pear tree is starting to bloom outside, and I see photos from friends who are traveling to Seoul right now with all the cherry trees blooming there, know that even though we are half a world apart you are close and dear to our hearts and I pray that next spring the trees you see blooming will be the ones in our backyard.

Love you,


Your 3 crazy brothers
Your 3 crazy brothers