Snow Day

Last Tuesday was going to be “one of those days”. You know the ones, where everything under the sun got scheduled all on the same day? I knew it was coming and it was going to be a mad dash all day long. Here is what my schedule looked like….

5:15AM-get up and go run laps at the gym, I’m going to need all the stamina I can get

8:00AM-leave the house with both Caedmon and Leighton

8:25AM-Drop Leighton off at Apex (homeschool enrichment)

9:00AM-Drop Caedmon off at Preschool and remember to leave his car seat so Clint can pick him up after lunch bunch at 1PM

9:45AM-back to Apex to be the parent volunteer for the Holiday Party which goes until 2PM

2:00PM-Leighton’s Apex music program

3:30PM-Apex done, drive Leighton to gymnastics

4-5:15PM-Leighton’s gymnastics and winter festival with end of the semester performances

5:30PM-Pick up Clint, Caedmon, and Edric and head to Caedmon’s preschool and set up for his holiday party/performance

6:00PM- Caedmon’s Christmas Program

~7:00PM-finish cleaning up from Caedmon’s program and head home and put everyone to bed

Yeah, so I hate days like that. Granted mentioned above is not the texts and checking in with Clint to make sure he picked up Caedmon from preschool and got both little guys fed and bathed and Caedmon dressed up by the time I swung by to pick everyone up that evening. And in the AM Clint was planning on running errands and grocery shopping and picking up the last couple of Christmas gifts that we needed. I don’t know how everything ended up on the same day, I ended up as the holiday party volunteer because back in August I had to sign up for a volunteer spot and then December 15th seemed like a good option. When I was in highschool and college I was involved in everything and loved being busy like that. Nowadays, not so much. Life is busy enough without all the added stuff.

So needless to say when my alarm went off at 5:15 and I rolled over and checked my phone I saw an email that said that school was cancelled because of the snow. I didn’t even really know it was going to snow. I figured then if it was too snowy to cancel school then I shouldn’t be driving in it to get to the gym and rolled over and went back to sleep.

When I did get up at 6:30 I checked and got a second email stating that preschool was also cancelled and the Christmas program moved to Thursday. I decided I should look outside and to my surprise there was 10 inches of snow outside. I agreed with the decisions to cancel school.

Leighton was pretty disappointed and cried about missing the day, but got over it pretty quick. We played around the house for a good portion of the morning and then decided to bundle up and venture outside. The boys were super excited to shovel snow, in fact one of Edric’s words is “shovel” although we only figured out that was what he was saying after he showed us what he meant.

And so before long we were all in the front shoveling the driveway and side walk. That lasted for awhile but then the two little guys decided that 10 inches of snow and an icy driveway is a great time to get out their trikes and ride them up and down. Or rather ride them down and plow into the snow at the bottom and then have mommy pretend that she is a tow truck and pull them back up the driveway. So while I may not have gotten much of a run in that day, I still got a decent work out.

Clearly the best riding trike weather around
Clearly the best riding trike weather around
Mommy being a "tow truck"
Mommy being a “tow truck”

We then decided to shovel the neighbor’s driveway and Leighton went to town shoveling the entire sidewalk on our side of the road. It was fun to all work together (even if Edric’s contribution was riding his trike over our freshly shoveled driveways).

Leighton's shoveling skills
Leighton’s shoveling skills

In the end, Leighton’s gymnastics didn’t get cancelled, and the roads were still rough driving over there, but I was much more pleased to be able to only have to worry about cheering him on in one thing and getting to play in the snow and around the house for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t mind a few more snow days this year….