Leighton and Caedmon love the dentist. They ask me all year long when they get to go to see the dentist. Even if we were just there a week before and I tell them “in 6 months”. They will ask again the next week. (or day). I have to admit, I think their dentist is pretty cool and Clint and I have commented that we wish it wasn’t just a pediatric dental practice because we would like to go there. The dental hygienists have smiles on their faces and everyone seems to enjoy what they do.

Leighton has been itching to lose a tooth. He asks me “Mommy, when are my baby teeth going to fall out and I get daddy teeth?” I love that he calls them “daddy teeth”. Not sure where he got that from but I think it is precious. He keeps me updated on his friends and how many “daddy teeth” his friends have gotten. I have told him many times that he was late getting his teeth in the beginning and he will likely lose them late.

In fact we went to the dentist earlier this week with all three boys, and he had xrays done. The dentist looked at his xrays and noted that he still had full sets of roots on all his baby teeth and it will be a long time before any of them fall out. She actually realized as she was examining him that his bottom teeth are likely going to come in behind his baby teeth and he very likely will need to get his bottom teeth pulled at some point after those have all come in.

However she thought she could feel that one of the bottom teeth was ever so slightly loose. Like very barely. Hardly at all. But honestly I think that is all he heard. He has walked around with a big grin on his face and has told everyone that he “has a loose tooth”. In all honesty, I can’t make that tooth wiggle for anything.

Despite his insistence and desire to lose a tooth, he will likely get shown up in that area by Edric. I had been warned that he might have dental issues from families that had traveled before us and by our dentist. We also knew that he had slept with a bottle or a sippy cup up until we took custody. And I had noted some areas on his teeth that were damaged. And so while it wasn’t a surprise when the dentist examined him and saw many problems I was still kind of hoping it wouldn’t be as bad as it is. Edric will actually have to go to the OR because of his age, the amount of work that he needs and damage that he has. The dentist has warned me that she is likely going need to pull 2-4 teeth. And so Wednesday we will head to the hospital for Edric to have surgery and get his teeth pulled/capped/crowned/filled and whatever else they need to do. Not what I was hoping for but hoping we can stop any further damage.

And so while Edric will likely loose (or get pulled) teeth first, Leighton will still be the first to get his “daddy teeth” which should help a little.

Has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but as a mom of boys I can't go for a walk or run and see a tractor/truck and not take a photo for my boys
Has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but as a mom of boys I can’t go for a walk or run and see a tractor/truck and not take a photo for my boys