5 minutes to write with “open” as my prompt….ready, set….GO!


There are many things that I could ask to be opened, in a selfish way I want to ask that the roads will open so we can get to the conference we have registered for tomorrow…but I think today I will ask that the adoption process in Korea and all around the world to be opened.

My little boy is living each day in South Korea and not here because of a process that has been closed…I’m ready to open the boys’ room in the morning and wake 3 boys and not just 2 and start the day with 3. My heart is open to him being my son, there is just a bunch of government and policies that have prevented him from coming home. My arms are open and I am ready, Lord please open the process and allow him to come home soon..

There are thousands of little ones waiting for homes around the world and across the street, please open the processes and the red tape that has slowed so many little ones from their forever families.

Father I pray that you also open the hearts and arms of more families to be willing to love and bring in a little one who only needs a family and love. Open hearts and open minds and open arms and open opportunities to shower those with your Love.

Father please open, so the littlest may know Your love.


…and so there we go. It’s a little rough (to say the least) and not very polished but it’s what came out in the 5 minutes I had. Even though I’ve been randomly blogging for a number of months I still feel very new at this whole thing and this is just something I’m trying out and running with…and so there we go! I got the idea for this from my friend Julie at Peacequility and the prompts come from Kate Montaung .

Thoughts or comments....

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