Dear Edric #6

Dear Sweet Edric-

How are you doing? You are 20 months now! It has been a year since we first saw your photo and signed paperwork to make you ours. We got our first update and mailed our first package to you a year ago. And you have grown and grown. I look forward to each month and an email in my inbox with your monthly update and photos.

I had so wished last year that you would be home by this time. I know with each day we are getting closer to that becoming a reality but I wish it was true right now. Every night at dinner Caedmon prays “Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, Please be with Edric, hope he comes home soon, Amen”. And we are all praying for that. I know you are being well taken care of and your foster mom is doing an amazing job of loving you and caring for you ½ a world away, but I am ready to have your little feet running through our halls and hear your laughter and joyous screams echo in our house.

We are ready for you, we have your bed ready to assemble in the basement and have figured out what we need to do as far as car seats. Leighton and Caedmon are excited that we have 3 little snow shovels ready, they have told me which one is yours even though all 3 look exactly the same. We have toys galore and there is a super hero cape with your initial on it waiting for you to put it on and run through the house chasing bad guys.


And so as 2014 closes and the ground is covered in snow, I look with anticipation to 2015 and bringing you home and running through the grass in our bare feet and letting our laughter fill the air. Know that you are loved and missed and we look forward to what this next year will bring.


With Love,