Dear Edric #5

Dear Sweet Edric-

How are you doing? You are growing and growing. I love getting your photos each month but they also make my heart ache. I want to be with you and watch you run from place to place and see your eyes light up. The last progress report said that you pretty much run everywhere. I am so looking forward to chasing you around and watching your eyes and face light up with smiles.

In the last set of photos we got, you looked very excited about the ball that we sent you. I know that your foster mom is loving on you and watching out for you. I hope that the photos, recordable books and videos that we are sending are starting to make an impression on you and that you know even though we are 1/2 a world away we love you and miss you and can’t wait to bring you home.

When do you get to come home you ask?  I wish I knew, I’ve been praying that it would be by Christmas but as another month closes and a new one starts without any new movement with our file I have a feeling that that possibility is becoming less of a reality. We saw your photo and learned about you and signed everything to make you ours last Christmas, and I pray that we may be able to see the end of the journey at least in site by this Christmas. I have to remember that just as God knew and picked you for our family that He also knows and has the right time for you to join us. It’s really hard some days though, I miss you and want to hold you and hug and kiss you.

Your brothers are doing well. They still pray for you each night, and I have hung up many of your photos around the house and they point to them and say “there’s Edric”. We bought an extra chair for the little table and they tell me, “that’s Edric’s chair”. In the next couple of weeks your bed should be finished and we will get it all set up in the bedroom that you will share with the boys.

I am looking forward to chasing 3 crazy little boys around my yard next summer and going on some family hikes and adventures with the three of you boys in tow. I look forward to making room on my lap to hold all three of you as we read bedtime stories each night.

Know this little one, while you may be an ocean and too many time zones to count away, you are close in all of our hearts and in our prayers and thoughts constantly. We miss you and love you and can’t wait to bring you home.

With Love,