Edric’s 8th Package

Has it really already been 8 packages? Wow. I’m getting quite good at stuffing things in a zip lock baggie. Sometimes I worry if I am sending the right things or if he likes them or if I am running out of ideas to send. However I got Edric’s 14 month photos last week and it showed him opening package #7 and he had a huge grin on his face and was happily shaking the bath toys up and down. Totally made my day.

Both my other two boys have loved these plastic rings, Leighton still finds various things to hook on to them and hangs them from various places. Caedmon loves to chew on them. I figured Edric would like a set as well.


I visited the dentist last week and it made me remember to include a toothbrush and some toothpaste for Edric in this package. He has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. Hopefully Foster Mom is cleaning them and he won’t need a ton of dental work done when he comes home like I have heard from other families. I threw in a little thing of soap and some nice lotion for Foster Mom.


Summer is in full swing and I loved using these one piece outfits for the boys when they were this age, it made for easy dressing and they were comfy and cool. I hope I get to see a photo of Edric in one of them.


When we were in Yellowstone the boys picked out a stuffed bear and pair of socks for themselves and for Edric. I also included a little photo album with a few photos of our trip there. Hopefully all the photos will make us seem less like strangers when we actually meet. 


I found these socks, and while the fronts are super cute with the animals…


It was actually the backs that sold me, I love the little tails of all the animals and the sticky bottoms to prevent slipping.


 And so that’s it, package #8 is ready to go. I dropped if off earlier this week with a family traveling to meet and go to court for their little girl next week. I pray that we won’t have to send too many more packages….

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