River Walk

As you may recall we had a huge flood last fall. A number of people in our area lost their homes and farms and livelihoods. We were very lucky and didn’t have any damage, but we have been desperately missing the trail system that goes behind our house. We heard last week that enough of it has been restored and rebuilt so on Friday we went exploring.

There are still areas with huge amounts of damage. One does not normally think of water as strong, but when enough of it is together and moving as fast as it did, a lot of damage is done. Some areas of the path were completely washed out, and the few areas that had concrete were left devastated. Our parks and rec department basically had to start from scratch and in some areas built an entire new path many yards away from where the original path was.



We did have a good walk though, and it of course ended with exploring some walks and the water. We may have to find a new craw-dad fishing spot this summer but I think we can do that.