Wet and Wild

I’m pretty sure that water does not have magnetic properties; however my boys cannot stay away from it. It is that time of year where my back porch is dotted with various items of clothing all in different stages of drying. I have yet to just give up the fight and start the boys each day in their swim suits, but I’m fast approaching that point. It would definitely cut way down on my laundry!


I love hearing their giggles and laughter as they run through the sprinklers. Or splash around in the water table. It’s the sound of pure joy. And it is so simple, hook up a hose and let them go at it. We have a sprinkler that shoots water out the top and has a ball that rolls down and then pops out the top with the water and this week Caedmon thought that was the best thing in the world.


In a couple of weeks we will pull out the little blow up pool and fill it up as well and put it on the back porch. Granted I am a bit of a safety police with the pool and overly cautious even when there is a small amount of water in it. And I think everyone needs to be, so take this as your public safety announcement. But the fun and splashing that we have is way worth it.

Enjoy your summer!