A Blue Room

We moved Leighton and Caedmon into a room together a few months ago and plan on putting Edric in that same room when he comes home. We’ve been told that the little ones coming home are use to sleeping with someone and so I think all three sharing a room will go pretty well. We didn’t know how the two would do initially but it actually went pretty well. There are times when we put them both down at night and in the monitor we can hear them talking to each other which is sweet. So far if one wakes up or throws a fit going to bed the other one hasn’t really seemed to mind and often sleeps through it.

My mom made a bedspread for Leighton has blue stripes on one side and is denim on the other. She made an extra one for the other bunk and has extra material to make more for when Edric comes home. Since it was Caedmon’s room that had become their shared room, it was still decorated with his nursery stuff. It was also the same khaki color that it had been from when the house was built and we moved in 2 ½ years ago.

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So the boys went to my parent’s house for the weekend and we got set to paint. We also made the spur of the moment decision to take the crib down and start Caedmon in the big boy bed when they came back. Clint did most of the painting while I scrubbed the floor, cleaned out bins in the basement, decluttered the toys, and cleaned the rest of the house.

The room turned out really well. (Now I just have to figure out how to decorate the walls and add the finishing touches. When we add the third bed we will put it where the lamp is now and move that to the other side of the room. It might be a little crowded but it’s just where they sleep, their toys are in the loft and I think it will promote a lot of good memories for the three of them.

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Caedmon actually took to the big boy bed really well. He hasn’t tried to escape or crawl off and has been sleeping really well!

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