Homeschool Room Part 3

So since we had the shelves and desks up it was time to find and start decorating the walls. I knew that I wanted the alphabet up and also a place for a calendar/weather station.

Initially I planned on writing out the alphabet on travel themed paper to go with the curtains and such. It came out well, but the part I forgot to figure in was that I used 12 inch by 12 inch paper which meant that I was going to need 26 feet of wall space to hang up the letters. Oops.

Luckily Clint knew of an educational store not too far from where we lived. One morning when Leighton had gone to play at a friend’s house Clint, Caedmon and I went to check it out. There were all sorts of options for different alphabets and calendars and about anything you can remember from your elementary school classrooms.

I was really hoping to find stuff with cars and trucks and planes but they didn’t have anything like that, however they did have some other things that I found that I was happy with. We got home and I went to work hanging everything up.

photo 4 (1)  photo 3 (1)

When Leighton got home he was super excited especially about the calendar. He asked me “Mommy do I get to keep the calendar for myself and not take it to my preschool?” I told him that it was his own and we were going to use it for his school. His eyes got super big and he said “Oh wow, I’m so excited for my own calendar and weather”. Both boys have had fun playing with the white board and they were both busy earlier this week working away at the desks. I still would like to get some cork boards and a few more things, but the room is coming together nicely.

photo 2 (5)