Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek has become a favorite in our house. Especially in that in between time between dinner and bath time. For those of you with kids you know that that time can either go really well or the whole night can fall apart. Hence the discovery of hide and seek.

It has evolved as the boys have gotten older. For the longest time Leighton only hid in our bed under the covers and would call and talk to us the entire time he was “hiding”. He also gave us a script that we had to say everywhere we looked, “I wonder if Leighton is hiding in the laundry room” to which we would hear slightly muffled from under the covers of our bed “Nope, he’s not hiding in there”. This would continue for a number of minutes as we looked everywhere. Ultimately we had to declare defeat and say we were tired, which then led to us laying on the bed and being “surprised” that Leighton was under the covers. It would then be some tickling and lots of giggling. And we would repeat that over and over and over. (and over)

We’ve evolved to Leighton actually hiding in unique places and not calling out the entire time he is “hiding”. I know, it’s quite an advancement in the game of Hide and Seek. Caedmon is almost 2 and hasn’t quite caught on yet. He usually goes with one of us while Leighton is counting but usually cries out for the other the entire time he is in hiding. At other times he gets the idea of hiding, he just chooses to hide when we aren’t playing the game. For example, after bath when I’m trying to get him ready for bed. He will crawl into a bin in his room and crouch down and say “hide seek”. I end up pulling him out of the bin about 17 times in the process of getting his pjs on all while telling him that it is not “hide seek” time. It’s a process.

But enough about the boys and their Hide and Seek. Let’s talk about me and my hiding abilities. I love hiding and I’m quite good at it, if I’m allowed to brag. We’re talking about squeezing behind the dresser, hiding under the crib, smashed behind the bed, I do a pretty good job. Often Clint can’t even find me. Although I think I’ve found a new winner. I discovered that the cabinets in the boy’s bathroom are all connected, and mostly empty. It was a perfect opportunity and somehow in the time of Leighton counting to 20, I managed to pull it off.

photo (6)

Needless to say, evenings are never dull in our house, we don’t always play hide and seek, but on those nights there are a lot of extra giggles and tickles.