Mom’s Tea

Leighton’s preschool held a Mom’s Tea on Valentine’s Day. It was super cute.

I got there just as all the kids were coming in from playing outside and washing their hands. Leighton immediately informed me that we were going to sit next to Trey. Trey is his “best friend”. He also told me that we were going to sit next to Jane and probably Katherine too. I was beginning to wonder if we were going to sit by the whole class.

There were some big tables set up but by the time we made it through the line of food (and had our plates full of crackers, heart shaped cheese, and Rice-Krispie Treats with pink sprinkles) all the big tables were full. So we maneuvered our way to one of the little tables and Trey’s mom and I attempted to sit down in the little bitty table and get our legs under the table.

The boys entertained us with stories of their busy morning, especially finding sea shells in the sandbox outside. It was then time to do the craft. We made zebra Valentine boxes. Luckily they were all foam stickers that we just had to follow the instructions for in order to get it to actually look like a zebra in the end.
photo 1

On the way out, the teachers had hung up drawings that the kids had made about their moms. I think his answers are pretty close, especially my age.
photo 2

Since it was Valentine’s Day I decided to make it extra special and take him out for a mommy-Leighton date. We went to Pizza Hut. It was fun to sit and talk with him and hear stories and just spend some good focused time on him. I think his favorite part was the peppermint that he got at the end.

I am reminded how quickly they grow up and I am just so thankful for each moment I get with them and the fun memories that we get to make along the way. And I’m super thankful that he thinks I’m only 20!