Preschool Project

So it seems that it was out weekend to make Preschool Projects. Actually we were already late turning one in as it was “due” (as much as that pertains to preschool) last week. Oops, mommy misplaced the instructions and the form for the project. Luckily I found it so we won’t be the only ones in the preschool class that didn’t make a Turkey disguise.

The goal of the project was to take the turkey and “disguise” it so that it won’t get eaten for Thanksgiving. Any bright ideas out there on how to disguise a turkey? Yeah I was kind of lost too. Luckily we had to go to the craft store for Preschool Project #2 and happened to walk by the felt aisle, and out of the blue the idea to make the turkey into an elephant surfaced. So I took it and ran with it.

I think the goal of the project was to have the preschooler do most or a good portion of it, although the instructions did say that the whole family should get involved. Well, Clint was in Texas at a wedding and Caedmon was down for a nap and Daisy dog is not really crafty so that left Leighton and I. As it was, it was mostly the “I” part of the team that did most of it. But he sat near and watched and asked “how much longer” only a few dozen times…


Onto Project #2. This one was not going to be late. Number one, it is a lot harder to misplace a 5 gallon bucket in your house then it is a piece of paper with a turkey on it. For this project, each kid is chosen at random to take the 5 gallon bucket home over the weekend and fill it with 3 items that start with the letter of the week. Since the first of the year I’ve just resigned myself to that fact that we were likely going to get the letter “Q”. Instead when I picked Leighton up on Friday and saw the lid sitting in his cubby box I learned instead we got the letter “I”. Suddenly a quilt, quarter, and photo of a quail didn’t look too bad. (I had been practicing and preparing for the worst).

As we walked out of preschool the words going through my head were “Istanbul, Iceland, Ice Cream Sandwich (it was almost lunch time)” Unfortunately none of those go real well in a 5 gallon bucket. So, since it was Leighton’s project, I decided to ask him what he thought we should put in the bucket. He said “elephant”. We had a little talk on the way home about letter sounds and what words start with “I”. By the time he made it home, he was thinking “Iguana, Ice cream, and Igloo”. All I had to do was figure out how to make them…

Saturday morning found us at the craft store. We actually found our supplies pretty quickly and even took a stroll through the Christmas decorations where the idea seriously crossed my mind about just buying different icicle ornaments. If I bought 3 different ones, would that count as 3 items that started with “I”?

But we made it home and began our crafting. Like any good preschool age craft, there was plenty of glue and glitter. For those of you with kids that aren’t yet preschool age, buy stock in glitter now. (and brooms). And don’t be surprised if 4-5 days after doing a “project”, usually while at work or someplace public, you discover you have glitter all over your nose. Not sure where it’s been hiding for the last 5 days, but that’s how glitter works. Anyway we set to work. Caedmon even got into the action. Although mostly he just scribbled marker all over the kitchen table when I wasn’t watching.





In the end, we had three items that started with “I”, and a disguised turkey. We can walk into preschool tomorrow with our heads held high (and likely covered in glitter) even if the Turkey project is already late….