Caedmon’s Letter

Caedmon wrote a letter recently to his friend Jackson. Granted he may have had a little help from mommy, but just a little.


Hey man, I heard you were born a few months ago and wanted to write you a note then, but my mommy is slow about getting gifts in the mail so I finally got to write you this now since my Daddy is flying to Texas. I’m not sure where Texas is but I figure its farther than the zoo. I was going to fill you in on life and share with you all the wisdom that I’ve learned. I’m all of 19 months so I’ve stored a bunch up to pass on.

First off, SLEEP IS AWESOME. Especially at night, for long periods of time, like 10-12 hours. Not only do you feel AMAZING when you wake up, but the mommy and daddy are happy too. And naps are pretty cool too, you get to lay in a dark room and sleep and it’s pretty cool.

But sleep isn’t the only thing that is awesome in this life. Eating is pretty cool too. I know you are still eating milk and that stuff is alright, but wait till you try regular food. First off, the bigger the mess you make the better and the more that the mommy and daddy laugh. Bananas are one of my favorite, but I also like green beans. Just gobble it up. One day you will get to try Cherrios and they are cool, and they go pretty far when you throw them. Throw LOTS of them, its good practice for the future.

Don’t know if you’ve figured out that you have a built in water fountain. It’s pretty fun to squirt your mommy and daddy when they least expect it. Especially when they are changing your diaper right before they are leaving the house. They will squeal really loud.  Don’t really know any other use for it.

It’s fun to be carried and all, but WAIT till you figure out the crawling and walking thing. You can go all over the place which is so much fun. Recently I’ve figured out how to climb the ladder to my brother’s bunk bed, and let me tell you, the view up there is amazing!

One thing I’ve learned, mommys and daddys don’t really like it if you throw yourself on the floor and scream real loud, especially in the middle of Target. I don’t know why, but you don’t get what you wanted anyway even if you try that method. Trust me on this one, just go with the flow.

Oh, and when you learn how to take off your shoes, take them off in the car and throw them. It’s funny to watch mommy try and climb all over trying to find the shoes. This has become one of my favorite games.

Mostly though, soak up these times, you grow fast, and pretty soon you will have all sorts of responsibilities like potty training, and learning your letters and shapes, so just soak up these times when you get to be hugged and snuggled. Read lots of books with mommy and daddy and just enjoy this time. And gets lots of sleep, you’re going to need it man, life is long.


Can’t wait to meet you, little man!