Dear Little One Part 2…

Dear Little One-

The Autumn is really pretty here this year. I wish I could show it to you. I have seen from pictures that people have posted that are over in Seoul right now picking up their little ones that there are a lot of beautiful leaves there too. But I’m not sure that they match our leaves splashed across the golden orange Colorado Sunset. Don’t worry, when you finally come home, I’ll show them to you. Your big brothers love playing in them. Caedmon’s not big enough to throw them up in the air yet, but he loves watching them fall down. They will teach you all about rolling and playing with them.

leaves 2

leaves 1

I’ve had a number of new baby encounters recently. I had a dear friend just have her fourth baby, she was with me when I had Leighton and she came and visited Caedmon when he wasn’t even a day old in the hospital. She filled out paper work about us so that we could bring you home. I went to visit her and the new little one in the hospital and I got to hold and rock with him. I wonder if anyone came to visit you when you were born. Who rocked you and held you close and laughed at your little eyes going cross as you tried so hard to figure out where you were? I want you to know that even if no one came to visit you and rock and snuggle with you, I was thinking of you all last spring/early summer when you were probably born.

Even though you aren’t here physically with us here, we think about you all the time. We dropped daddy off at the airport this evening so that he could go to a friend’s wedding and we walked by the International Arrival gate and I kind of choked up. One of these days we are going to bring you home and go through that gate. I’m looking forward to that day and my heart not being spread across an ocean.

Leighton prays for you at the end of every prayer, whether it’s the prayer for going to preschool in the morning, at the dinner table, or before we tuck your brothers in for bed at night. He always wants to save praying for you until the end. You hold a special place in each of our hearts and throughout each day.

As we enter this month of Thanksgiving, not only am I thankful for you and that you will one day join our family, I am thankful for the woman that gave birth to you and for whatever reason realized that she couldn’t take care of you and chose a better option for you. I have a woman like that in my life, who many years ago made that same decision for me and as a result I too was adopted and blessed with a family. I am also thankful for your foster family that is raising you now. They are the ones holding you and watching you grow each and every day and just as we are loving you from afar they are being the hands and feet and hearts that are loving and caring for you each day now.

And so Little One, until I can bring you home and experience all the sunsets and autumn leaves with you, know that I hold you close and dear in my heart.


With Love,