Halloween is Terrifying for Introverts

It truly is. Those extroverts out there are probably thinking that this is crazy talk, but those like me all know that it is true.

Think about it. Either you walk around the block with the kids and ring a bunch of doorbells and silently hope on the inside that no one is going to answer (but you know really they are because it is Halloween and they have their lights on). And you spend those moments between ringing the doorbell and the door actually opening practicing calm breathing and trying to put on your best “I’m brave” smile. And then they answer the door and you have to make eye contact as your kids get candy and remind them to say “thank you”. And then the whole terrifying process is over, only to be repeated another 20+ times.


And sometimes you meet up with neighbors and then you are forced to walk with them and make small talk and smile and laugh. The whole time you are wishing that you could just be at home in a quiet room reading a good book.

Or you choose to stay home and be the one to hand out the candy. This is almost just as bad because you never know when that doorbell is going to ring and you have milliseconds to grab the bowl of candy and open the door and pretend to be excited. Being around people can be very exhausting for us introverts and usually by the third doorbell ring you are ready to just turn off the lights and devour the entire bowel of M&Ms by yourself…alone.


It’s a lose-lose situation for the Introverts of the world. And when you are married to another introvert you both lose. This year it was Clint’s turn to take the boys around and I stayed home and waited anxiously for the door bell to ring. Luckily I had laundry to fold to help distract me.


The good thing is is that ultimately it is not about us. Halloween is for the kids and so despite how uncomfortable we are with the whole concept, we dress up, put some monkey ears on and get over our own insecurities and make it a fun night. It’s not every night in a kids life that they get to dress up and get buckets of candy, and these years go fast, so I’ll smile and stretch myself and soak up the memories despite my terror.