Mommy next year….

We recently got to spend a few days in Glenwood Srings, Colorado. My husband’s cousin had a wedding in Grand Junction that we went to and on the way back we stopped for a couple of days. This trip was the first time Leighton was old enough to remember staying in a hotel. He thought they were the greastest things ever, “mommy look at this lamp, mommy look at the light to the bathroom, daddy they have a chair in our room, daddy can I put the card in the door?” But by far his favorite thing was the sofa sleeper. He was amazed that the couch had a bed in it. The first night he thought I was telling him that he was going to sleep on the couch, but then I started pulling the cushions off and he got real excited. His eyes lit up when I pulled the bed out of the couch. He told me many times, “Mommy I just love this bed”.

In Glenwood they have an aerial tram that you can take up the mountain to an adventure park with some rides and cave tours. The night before we took the tram I stood with Leighton in the parking lot and watched the tram come down the mountain and drop people off. We stood there for close to 20 minutes watching it. The next morning we got on and took the 10 minute ride up the moutain. The views up were amazing and while Caedmon was too young to take it all in, Leighton was in awe. At the top we did a little bit of everything, we took two different cave tours, rode the alpine slide, rode the mini rollar coaster, went on the ferris wheel, wandered through the maze and played in the sand box. I rode with Leighton down the alpine slide on his second trip down. Most the of the way down he told me all about the stop light at the end of the slide and “if it is red then mommy you need to stop”. He also told me while riding our alpine car back up the mountain that I giggled and screamed too loudly on the way down.

That evening we went to the hot springs and enjoyed the warm water. It was plenty warm outside, but it felt good to be in the pool and to just relax and play as a family. The next morning we hiked up to see Hanging Lake, it was a gorgeous hike, but definitely tough with two little ones. It’s mostly straight up hill. I promised Leighton frozen yogurt if he would do it with minimal whining, and he did a great job with it, way better then I had expected. Caedmon was easy, he just rode in the backpack on Clint’s back and was happy as long as Clint kept moving. We enjoyed out lunch watching the waterfalls tumble down into the crystal clear water with all the plants growing up and around it. Going down was a little rough, and I ended up carrying Leighton on my back for a good portion of it, but we made it.

Everyone was tired but content as we loaded up the van and started to head home. As we started driving Leighton called up to me from his seat “Mommy next year when we have our new brother from Korea, we will have to bring him here, he will like it too”. Yes Leighton, I think he will too.