Hard Times

Sometimes this adoption stuff and the wait is harder than I imagined or planned on it to be. With both my other boys, I had a rough idea of when they would make their appearance. Granted Leighton decided to throw us for a little surprise and show up early and we took a detour though […]


Dear Edric #3

Dear Sweet Edric, Spring is beginning to sprout all around us and I am praying that you will be with us this time next year to see and enjoy all the colors and blooms as they explode all around. I have heard from families that are traveling to Seoul right now that the cherry trees […]


On Waiting…

Waiting is never something anyone likes to do, especially me. Even if it is something that I know is going to be unpleasant I almost want to stop the waiting and get going on whatever it is so I can get it behind me. Lately I’ve felt caught between two desires. I want to soak […]