Ballet Date….

A couple of weekends ago Caedmon and I had a date to go see Giselle in Denver by the Colorado Ballet. He was so excited. He had to get a COVID test before we could go because he’s not vaccinated yet (but hopefully soon, when it gets approved). He had no problems with it and did great and we got his results back in time for our show. We headed down to Denver early and got some gluten free sandwiches since we both have Celiac and then had enough time to go walk in downtown Denver. Caedmon was super excited to see the capital building at the end of 16th street and then we of course had to go by the Convention Center and see the big blue bear. However in true Caedmon form we had to be early to the ballet, so we got to the opera house over an hour before the show and the doors were still closed, however they did start checking COVID vaccine cards and tests and Caedmon was first in line to get his clearance bracelet and then stood in front of the doors waiting for them to open. He wasn’t quite the first one in because when they did open the doors our door got stuck, but he was as close to possible the first one in the building as he could be. He grinned the entire time. He posed in front of the Nutcracker poster and the ballet statue and we walked every set of stairs there to explore all the hallways while we waited for the house doors to open. Finally it was time for the show and I think he smiled all the way through that as well. After the show he wanted to wait in the lobby to see if he could meet any of the dancers. Luckily one of the male studio company members came out to say hi to his family and after he was done Caedmon went up and started talking with him. They talked about Nutcracker and their favorite roles (Caedmon is Fritz this year and very excited) and also talked about their favorite types of ballet jumps. I think that was the icing on the top for him. We had a blast and it was fun to spend the day with him enjoying something he loves so much.