Paxton is 6!

On Thursday Paxton turned 6. He was super excited about his birthday all week long and asked every day how many days until his birthday. He started the morning by opening the gifts from Clint and the kids and I and he got a fort building kit and a sand digger. We quickly went outside to put the fort together and the digger and he got to work on the sand box. He and I then worked on his cake, he wanted a strawberry cake so we made one which he was very excited about helping with. He had gymnastics that afternoon and I took popsicles into his practice at the end that he shared with his teammates and coach. He may only be half as tall as his teammates but he has had fun getting to know them and loves his coach Ryan as well. For dinner he asked for shrimp and gimbop which we had and then had his strawberry cake. My parents got him some more sand for the sandbox and a book to read that he is really excited about and has been taking to bed to read each night. Because of timing issues we didn’t get to talk to Clint’s parents that day but he talked to them and opened their gift of tractors to play with in the sand box on Saturday. He had a great day and is such a sweet boy and we are so glad we get to celebrate him!