Preschool Graduation!

Last week Coppelia officially finished preschool and we officially finished preschool as a family, we have done 8 years of preschool in the past 9 years. Coppelia’s preschool had a sweet graduation program and she got to lead everyone into the program before they all started singing. Mrs Schuler has been her teacher the past 3 years and also had Paxton for the 2 years that he did preschool. It has been a great preschool and we are so thankful for all that our kids learned there over the past 3 years. Coppelia is very excited to start homeschool and has jumped fully into doing her summer workbooks, she asks every morning if she can do her books. I hesitated doing 3 years of preschool for her, but with her late summer birthday I’m glad that we did.