Spring Garden and Bees

Spring is springing slowly and my flowers are blooming. And it is almost time to put my garden in the ground. In fact my indoor seed starts are going nuts and I am looking forward to planting all of them next week. My bees also survived their first winter and are doing really well it seems. I opened up the hive and got a good check of each frame on Saturday and found Queen Adelaide, and saw all the larva as well as the pollen packed into the frames. There were also three full frames of honey still which was exciting to see. I started treatment for mites to help boost the bees for the spring/summer and will hopefully be able to put my honey super on in a couple of weeks. Clint got our garden rototilled on Saturday. He was working on that while I was checking the bees and one of them was quite upset by all the happenings and keep buzzing him so he ended up finishing it out with a bee suit on. I got my first 5 rows on onions also in the ground which is exciting. I’m looking forward to making lots of tomatillo salsa late this summer and need all those onions.