Gymnastics State 2021

Leighton had his state gymnastics meet this past weekend and he did great. It was really weird to drop him off and the front door and not get to go in and cheer him on. But I got to go to my friend Lezlie’s house a mile or so away and camp out in her kitchen and watch the meet over zoom and catch up with her which was a great blessing and lots of fun. Leighton did really well, it has been a rough couple of weeks since their one and only other meet with everyone out of the gym for 2 weeks because of COVID, and then the blizzard also cancelled one of their practices. Despite all of that Leighton tied for 1st on pommel horse, he was given 2nd place because the other kids had a higher all around score, but he was still really pleased with how he did. He’s got a couple of weeks before Regionals in Utah and so he is working on firming up his other routines and is excited to compete! It’s been a weird year with everything but I am still super proud of how much he has grown and improved despite all the challenges.