Caedmon has been asking for the past number of months if we could get fish again. The last time we had fish was nearly 4 years ago and it was a fish that wouldn’t die. He lived for years and despite forgetting to feed him for days on end (like an entire adoption trip to Korea), moving, even having an entire bag of cat food dumped into his tank, etc etc. he lived on. But it has since been awhile and so we decided to pull the tank out again and have fish. Clint wanted to build a sturdy table for the tank so he spent a weekend getting that all set up. We then got the tank all set up and let it sit almost a week before we went to get fish. The kids loved just staring at the tank before the fish were even in it and watching the bubbles. Finally on the Monday after Thanksgiving we were all set to get the fish. The kids picked out 3 fish and a catfish. On the way home they had a very serious discussion about the names and decided to go with a theme. And so we have Mercury the catfish, and then Mars, Jupiter, and Venus the fish.