More Fishing And S’mores….

We did a lot of fishing when we were up at my Aunt’s cabin, we fished Grizzly Creek a few different times and on Thursday went to both Dumont Lake and Muddy Pass Lake. I can’t say we had a whole lot of luck, although my dad, Clint, and Leighton all caught fish….and I caught some very large fish (check out Paxton holding one of them in the photos) finally but just hopping in the lake and using the net…in reality the very large fish I caught could have been bait for the other fish but my tender hearted kids were not ok with that idea. Leighton had actually spent time when we were hiking Rabbit Ears picking up worms to use the next day for fishing from the puddles we passed. As it turned out he ended up “freeing” the worms because he didn’t want to hurt them long before he even attempted to fish with them. Mom and I went hiking around Muddy Pass Lake with the three younger kids and had lots of fun with that. And who can beat smores, we ended a couple evenings with everyone’s favorite treats.