Paxton’s Family Day!

Today we celebrate Paxton’s Family Day. We actually had dinner last night to celebrate with dumplings and brownies It has been 3 years since he came home. He has been recently sending videos to his foster family and getting videos and photos back which he has really enjoyed. Paxton’s name means Peace, and he has brought a peace and a calm to our family. He loves his trucks and cars and loves being outside on his bike. He may be tiny but he thinks he is big and he is super smart and has taken off with reading lately. He’s also a snuggler which we all love. Leaving his foster family was really hard and he still cares and loves his foster family and they still miss him and love him so much, looking forward to in a few years going back to visit them. Adoption is full of loss and we are very much aware of that. We are thankful however for the sunshine and brightness that he brings in our family and will always be thankful for his birth family and his foster family who shaped and loved him.