Ice Castle….

For Clint’s birthday which was on the 9th I decided to surprise him and all the kids and get tickets to go to the Dillon Ice Castle. I got tickets for the 16th because it is what worked best with schedules and so last week we headed up there. Clint had no idea where we were going or why but we had everyone’s cold weather gear packed. My parents joined us as well. We got entrance tickets for 4:30 which was actually a perfect time, when we got there the sun hadn’t set yet and so we got to see all the ice in the daylight and appreciate the deep blues and then we were there as the sun went down and after when all the lights throughout the ice castle turned on. Everyone had fun, we went down all the slides many times, climbed through all tunnels many times and explored and had fun. It was cold that evening but everyone had great attitudes and we had a blast!