Library Nut…..

It’s that time of year where there are going to be some Nutcracker posts. We are fast approaching show time and in the mean time there are a lot of Nutcracker things going on. Monday was a prime example, as a community outreach the ballet company that Caedmon dances for, Centennial State Ballet, did a library story time. This year Caedmon is going to be the Brave Mouse (which differs from the other little mice by the fact that he gets caught in the trap…..) and a Cupid again. And he’s totally fine and excited about both parts. For the library show he got to do mini versions of the mouse and cupid parts. I worked in the “backstage” part and helped get big and little kids in and out of costumes. The library was packed and many came to see the show. Caedmon’s friend Jonathon came and Caedmon enjoyed seeing him. After the mini show the dancers all posed with the people that had come to watch which was fun. Coppelia posed with the big girls who were the Flower Petals. The actual show is December 20, 21, and 22nd. Caedmon is in the 2PM show on the 21st and the 1PM show on the 22nd if anyone wants to come and watch. The link to tickets is here….