Snow White and the 6 Dwarfs….

Snow White and her 6 Dwarfs overtook our family for Halloween. Everyone got to choose which dwarf they wanted to be, except Clint and I chose for him. The only one we didn’t have was Grumpy…although Caedmon did say “Mommy sometimes you are Grumpy.” To which I told him that for that comment I might eat all his candy. My mom made Coppelia’s dress which was perfect. We were the starting house in our neighborhood for the pre-trick or treat pizza. I think we had over 50 people and I managed to not get a single photo during that time or even the neighborhood kids all together because I was trying to add coats and gloves to a couple of little dwarfs as they tried to run out of the house. It was definitely one of the colder Halloweens that we have had. Clint ended up driving the younger 4 kiddos in the van and they stopped in the driveways of a number of houses but did not make it all the way around because it was so cold. Leighton however decided to run the neighborhood (which is just about 2 miles around) with 2 other neighborhood boys. I realized after he returned home 2 hours later that he only had gloves and a long sleeve shirt on. It was freezing but he had a blast. All the kids did. It was a fun Halloween!.