Miller Farms 2019

So our cancelled field trip from a couple weeks ago with preschool to Miller Farms got rescheduled to this past Tuesday and it was a beautiful day. It started a little cool but that didn’t seem to slow anyone down. We got there and explored and played a little and then quickly hopped on a tractor with the rest of the preschool class and were taken out to the fields to pick veggies. And did we ever pick veggies. After we were done in one field they would load us up and we’d head to another. Our tractor did get stuck in a huge mud pit at one point so we had to abandon the wagon and find semi-dry ground in the nearby corn field. Coppelia and I took that time to pick some sweet corn while Caedmon struggled to keep his shoes on, they kept getting stuck in the mud. Eventually our tractor got unstuck and we were off to pick more things.

After a couple of hours in the fields we had 14 bags of veggies! We loaded those into the car and then the kids played on all the various old vehicles that the farm has set up. I attempted to get photos and most of the time at least one had their eyes closed.

We ate lunch and then explored the corn maze as well. We finished our time at the farm with some more cars, many of them painted like the characters from the movie Cars.

We had a great day! Caedmon and Leighton helped wash all the veggies while the three youngest took much needed naps when we got home and we had quite the veggie feast for dinner Tuesday night. We’ll be eating carrots, potatoes, kale, and onions for weeks to come.