An Autumn Hike….

Since we have Thursday evenings free and open we decided to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park and go for a hike to see the leaves changing. We got there late enough in the afternoon that many people were headed out so we were able to park at the Bear Lake trailhead. We decided to hike to Nymph Lake and Dream Lake. The evening was cool but it was gorgeous and the sun was shining when we started out with blue sky. The trees were a beautiful golden color as well.

The kids pretty much ran up the majority of the trail and we worked to keep up with them. They jumped from rock to rock and leaped over others. We were going against the traffic as the majority of people were finishing up their day hikes. But that didn’t stop the kids and they smiled and waved at the other hikers.

Both lakes were calm and gorgeous. We had our packed dinner at Dream Lake and just enjoyed out time together. We hiked down and as we neared the trailhead the sun was setting and the sky was changing to gorgeous oranges and pinks. We had a great time.