Edric-4 Years Home!

On September 23rd we celebrated Edric being home for 4 years. Actually we had a family dinner on the 22nd because no one had a practice or commitment that night. And I managed to not get any photos of his dinner. We had “crack noodles’ which I think is the actual name of the recipe that we found. The idea being that they are so addicting you will want them all the time. They are really good and one of my favorites so I was excited when he requested them (although Caedmon tried hard to lobby for hot dogs or pizza). We also had dumplings and mochi ice cream balls because everyone loves those. My parents came over and it was a sweet evening of celebrating and reflecting on how far we have all come since those first few days.

Edric and I took some time on the 23rd and looked through the photo book we have of when we arrived in the airport and meeting his brothers and extended family. He enjoyed looking at the photos and pointing out things and asking questions. It was a sweet time together.

Edric has grown so much since those first few days 4 years ago. We all have. Despite reading and researching it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but also I have grown in ways I didn’t think possible. And watching Edric discover himself and his likes and dislikes and his strengths has been so exciting to watch. He loves to help and it doesn’t matter who or what he wants to be a helper. He has persevered over struggles in his schooling and has become a very strong student. He loves people and always has a hug or a smile for anyone. We are truly blessed to have him in our family.