Snow Storm 2019…

Last Wednesday we had a blizzard. We actually didn’t get a whole ton of snow but instead got a TON of wind at 75+ mph for hours on end. Both preschool and homeschool enrichment got cancelled that day and so we had a low key easy day at home with everyone. I was thankful that I didn’t have to work and we had no reason to go out in the wind and weather. We did loose power for about a couple of hours but the kids thought that was great fun and got to use the flash lights.

We did have a pretty epic game of hide and seek which is a family classic. And Coppelia is getting better with hide and seek and doesn’t immediately yell out where she is. I found a good hiding spot under the sink in the laundry room and no one could find me and I finally had to start making noise so I could be found because I was getting a little cramped.

We finished the day by making an epic fort and eating dinner in the fort and then actually doing school in the fort the next morning. Wish we had gotten more snow out of the whole thing but we had a great day.