Winter Camp Out

We have started having family nights once a week, usually on a Friday or Saturday evening. We either play a board game, watch a movie or play a game on the Wii (super high tech here, we own all of 2 games on the Wii….). It has been a lot of fun and just some sweet time together as a family. Usually lots of laughter as well.

Last week after game night the kids all decided to sleep in the playroom. I wasn’t so sure how it would go but I figured we could at least start everyone out up there and then if needed put them back in their rooms if needed. Everyone was super excited and loved getting their sleeping bags set up. Leighton stayed off to the side a little, I think to act like the big brother and tell everyone else to lay back down…

In the end, 3 stayed the night upstairs in the play room and 2 ended up having to be put to bed in their rooms….the two youngest thought really they should be just allowed to play all night so they got moved to their rooms after a couple of warnings. All in all though I think they all had fun. Looking forward to many more family nights this year.