Twice The Adult….

Clint had his birthday a couple of weeks ago. He informed me that since he was turning 36 he was now twice the adult. About that time Coppelia went running by yelling “I need to go poop!” and I just turned to him and said “wow, twice the adult huh, you’ve come so far….”.

It was a pretty low key day. His birthday fell in the middle of the week and the older 3 boys didn’t have homeschool enrichment that day so he and them went rock climbing. Edric started rock climbing in the fall at a local gym once a week and the older two have been asking to go sometime. The four of them had a great time climbing all over the place and Clint actually decided to start climbing at the gym a couple of days a week. We had my parents over for lunch and they made homemade pizzas and brought them which was fun. Somehow I couldn’t find any candles except for the battery ones we use for Christmas Eve service so we made those work in his ice cream and browning. I put two candles in since he was now “twice the adult”.

Thankful I get to share my days and nights and many laughs in between with this man and glad that he is now double adulting as a new “twice adult”.