A Mouth Of Metal

Last Thursday Leighton got braces. 1st set of braces are paid for in full….only 4 more sets to go for the other kids. Unless of course they need a second round….and then maybe I’ve still got 9 more sets to go….maybe I’ll luck out and someone won’t need them…..maybe. Anyway before all that makes me cry, lets look at the bright side…1st set is on.

It’s actually just the top. The bottoms aren’t ready yet and she actually gave Leighton the option, he could either get a bar cemented to the back of them to hold them in place, or if he was super responsible wear a retainer every night. Ummmm since he’s my child and acts just like me (sometimes its scary how much actually) he chose to go the responsible route. He’s also memorized the list of what he can and cannot eat and will let you know what falls in which category. His favorite thing is that he got to choose the color of his bands…he went with Bronco colors of course and even remembered that on Thursdays at the orthodontist office they have Bronco day and he would get a treat if he wore Bronco clothes….which he did. And so my first photo of him with his braces is a bit after the fact because he was busy eating his Bronco cookie as we walked out of the office.

And so here we go….lets make some room and move some teeth.