And 1 Year Since Coppélia’s First Meeting…

And we also celebrate our first meeting with Coppélia this week as well. We did not yet have a court date for her at the time of our meeting (it actually came just 24 hours later), but the agency allowed us to meet her while we were already there in Seoul. (I think if they hadn’t I was going to camp out at that agency until they did).

Coppélia was adopted through a different agency and it was on the other end of Seoul than where we had spent the majority of our trips up to that point. We found our way there via subway and got to the agency a few minutes before she and her foster mom arrived. It was very cold that day and foster mom brought her in all bundled and dressed in some fleece pjs that I had sent.

She came to me initially but then quickly realized I was not foster mom, and went quickly back to foster mom and warmed up a little more. We had a good time playing with her and she slowly warmed up to us. And like Paxton, the meeting was far to short but did give us a little insight into her personality and who she is. It would be a little over a month before we had her court date and got two more visits with her and then about a month from that to final approval and custody, but that first meeting will always be remembered.