Oh To Be 5…

Caedmon is my child with flair. And lots of it. And a self confidence to match the extent of his flair. He is as sweet as he can be and just so carefree. He is often found skipping down the road just as happy as possible.

We recently changed dance studios because we needed one that was closer and one that worked better with schedules. He is now in an all boy ballet class which he thinks is just awesome. His dance studio also puts on an impressive Nutcracker each year and they allow all the kids to try out that want. I was telling him this and that next year he can try out. He quite confidently told me that he was going to be the Nutcracker next year. I told him that they typically reserve that role for one of the older boys with more experience, to which he answered and asked “why? I dance good.”

When we ask him what he wants for Christmas or for his birthday we have learned to brace ourselves and to ask “now is this an actual toy that you have seen, or is this a toy that came from your imagination?” Usually the answer is “in my imagination.” Last year he wanted gloves for his hands that would help him climb walls like spider man. Yeah good luck finding that at any store.

When we did the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving we split everyone up and ran in pairs (Clint was technically in a trio since he pushed and ran with the double stroller and two toddlers). After I finished with Leighton and met up with Clint I started backwards on the course to find my Dad and Edric, and my mom and Caedmon. I expected to find my mom and Caedmon first because Edric doesn’t get farther than the mail box before he says that he is tired and done, so I was thinking I might be walking all the way back to the start to find him and my dad. I actually found them just past the two mile mark and walked with them for a bit. I told my dad that I must have missed my mom and Caedmon and he told me that they were still behind them. So I let them finish out the last part and continued my walk back to find Caedmon and my mom. I walked for what seemed forever but I eventually spotted them. Standing off to the side of the path and the runners/joggers/walkers stood Caedmon picking grass and pulling flowers and completely content in his own little world. His innocence just makes me smile.

And his confidence. He strongly believes he is all that and then some. We had an adoption agency holiday party this past weekend and I was helping the kids make crafts, get their faces painted and trying hard to keep track of all 5. Caedmon walked up all decked out in a reindeer hat, Rudolf foam glasses, face paint on his cheek totally rocking all forms of Christmas fashion.

And so Caedmon buddy, as you grow up I pray that you hold on to that confidence and innocence and continue to let your imagination take to you places many of us never dream. Keep being you buddy, don’t let anyone take that away.