Paxton-3 Months Home!

Paxton has been home 3 months (and a few days because I’m a couple days late posting as usual). He is talking up a storm and repeating things and initiating his own sentences and saying all sorts of things. Some things are still in Korean, like earlier today he was looking at a book with Clint and there was a butterfly and he clearly said the word for butterfly in Korean, but he’s using a ton of English as well. 

Paxton is still full of smiles and giggles. His night terrors have almost disappeared the last few weeks which has been a huge blessing. He sleeps like a champ and wakes up happy and ready to go in the morning. He is still not a fan of vegetables, much more a meet and pasta guy. Fruit is a day to day decision whether he likes it that day or not. Trucks are still by far his favorite thing. We finally got a new battery for the little truck that the kids can drive around and he loves riding in that thing with his brothers. He’s also a big fan of the swings and all things water.

He is attaching well as well. He looks for Clint and I and is often giving hugs and comes to us for comfort. He still loves his blankie from Korea but I think that will always be something special to him, but he is allowing Clint and I to offer and give him comfort as well as looking to that for his comfort. Having a routine has helped a ton with helping him feel secure, and he has the bedtime routine down and loves to crawl into one of our laps and read books before bedtime with him.

He has come so far in 3 months and continues to make us smile and laugh each day. A lot of healing has happened, and I know there is a lifetime of healing ahead, but he’s such a blessing to have in our lives.