Carrying On….

Well in the last 2 days I have walked 17 miles all over Seoul with a little 24 pound girl strapped to either my front or my back. If I try to take her out of the carrier she screams. Also if we return to the hotel room she is very upset and cries and screams. So we have seen a lot of Seoul. Today we did have a few moments where she was calmer and actually out of the carrier for a few minutes, but they were short and far between. She’s quite content in the carrier though and has spent a good portion of the time sleeping, but she sleeps great at night as well. My heart just breaks because I know this is so tough on her and her little heart. She doesn’t have many words but she is very clear in getting her point across and has made me laugh a number of times. She has not had much of an appetite and actually prefers and almost insists on eating in the carrier on my back with me handing her food over my shoulder. At this point, if it works I’ll go with it. My mom has been a huge help and I am so glad that she is here with me. I miss all my boys and I am more then ready to head home tomorrow evening. We got Coppelia’s visa today so we are ready to go. Here are some photos from our walks and explorations the past couple of days…The War Memorial, Dongdaemun Gate, Part of the Seoul City Wall, Gwangjang Market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and the Secrete Garden.

A couple minutes out of the carrier at the War Memorial Museum
Part of the Old City Wall
Looking out from the city wall to Dongdaemun gate, shopping center, and design plaza
The only way she’ll eat….
How we spend a good portion of the day

Facetiming with the boys…..
Actually eating a snack out of the carrier…
Gyeongbokgung Palace
A smile when we stopped for tea and cake….
Changdeokgung Palace
Part of the Secrete Garden