On This Day….

3 years ago today we sat in a office anxiously signing paperwork to officially make Edric JoonSoo ours. It would take another 21 months to the day to actually bring him home and into our arms but this is the day that is signed off on all our paperwork. There are many different days in the adoption process, from the day we first turn in our paper work, to homestudies, to finger print days, to acceptance of paper work days, to exit permission submit and approval days, to first meetings, court dates, final approval days and finally home days. And then of course there are all the post placement visits and re-finalizations. It is not an easy or short process by any stretch of imagination.

And yet here we sit three years later with him still tucked in sleeping upstairs (which is a rarity by this point in the morning….but I’ll take a few extra minutes of quiet), and he’s fully home and fully ours and just as he became a part of our hearts and family 3 years ago he’s such a blessing and joy in our lives today. He has come so far and through so much. He makes us giggle many times a day, and with that there are times of frustration and annoyance (but part of that is being 3). His language has been exploding and it is so much fun to get to know him and his opinions on things. And trust me, he has very strong opinions for a little peanut.


He doesn’t stop during the day at all, and definitely keeps us on our toes. I think we will have far more adventures with him in our lives, and it is so much fun to hear him say “tickle me please”. He loves to laugh and boy does he love to eat. I think he’d prefer it if our kitchen was a 24/7 open food bar with unlimited access. He loves to help, washing dishes is one of his favorite activities and I haven’t told him that it is actually seen as a chore to most people. Especially since he does a better job washing then almost anyone else in this family. He loves trains and has learned to sit and listen to books and loves to listen and read books (especially if he gets to be the one turning the pages). He wants to be just like the other two boys and runs in to the classroom and asks to do homework which is cute.

It was a really long wait, and the first number of months were rough, and we still have rough days sometimes , but that’s just part of parenting and being a family and figuring everything out. And so as we load up and drive around tonight looking at Christmas lights I’m going to reflect and be thankful for the little peanut that I first saw through photos 3 years ago and now I get to strap into his car seat and all I have learned and been taught through being his mommy. I love you Edric JoonSoo.