Leighton is 7!

Well actually he turned 7 about a month ago, so I’m a little behind but doing what I can. I can’t believe it was 7 years ago that this sweet little boy made his way into our lives and our hearts. He has been a blessing from day 1 and continues to be.

Leighton you have one of the sweetest and most tender hearts of any little boy or even girl that I know. You have a deep loyalty to your friends and you care deeply about all those around you.  Don’t ever loose that. You try hard at everything that you do, and even though somethings are hard and I know you feel like giving up, I have watched you grow in perserverence this year as you have continued to press through when things are tough. Those lessons are going to last a life time. I appreciate your cautiousness, I hope your brothers will pick a little of that up from you. You are a great big brother and a good example to your siblings. I love your heart and desire to know God more and how you stay awake reading your Bible most evenings in your bed with a flashlight. I love your hunger for books and reading, and yet your desire to be active and outside playing or doing gymnastics. It has been fun to watch you grow into a boy who loves adventure and when you smile your whole face lights up. Sometimes I laugh at how similar we are, you may look like your dad a lot on the outside, but so much of your actions are so like me. I hope I can teach you to not be such a perfectionist and to be a little easier on yourself than I am on me. Your joy is infectious.

And so Leighton as you start your 8th trip around the sun on this planet, I pray for deeper understanding, greater love, lasting joy, and many many more memories shared together. Happy birthday sweet boy!